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For a limited time — record for as little as $25/hour! Learn more

We're a multi-room recording studio, always ready for band recording with permanently mic'd up drums, guitar, bass and vocals…all ready to go! Our inviting creative environment, professional knowledge and expertise and abundance of pro gear and instruments — as well as our great hourly rates and specials — make Audio Empire the perfect next step for artists ready to take their projects beyond the home-studio and into the professional realm.

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Welcome to Audio Empire Recording Studio - Halifax, Nova Scotia

What makes Audio Empire so special?

We’re from here…

Since 2002, our 5-room studio in Halifax, Nova Scotia has worked with hundreds of Maritime musicians in genres as diverse as pop, rock, rap, blues, indie, metal, classical, spoken word — and just about everything in between. Some of these recordings have gone on to get distribution deals and sell thousands of copies, or be licensed for use in tv shows. One special project — recorded, mixed and mastered here at Audio Empire — even won an East Coast Music Award (we’re proud of you, Jon!)

…We’ve got gear…

Throughout the past 20+ years, we’ve considered (and re-considered!) every link of our recording chain, critically evaluating and tweaking every element. The result is a top-of-the-line kit, with every piece of gear working in concert to create beautiful, professional, high-end recordings for our artists. We’re especially proud of our ability to mix using real, top-quality analog compression and equalization, in combination with our suite of high-end professional Pro Tools plugins. Combining the latest digital advances with proven, time-tested analogue equipment results in a killer, commercial-grade recording that is rich, musical, and professional. View our complete gear list…

…And we know how to use it!

A seasoned musician with over 20 years behind the glass, Audio Empire producer/engineer Pierce Rogers specializes in letting the artist to focus on nothing but the music, while he takes care of the details. A skilled producer, with a talent for coaxing the best possible performance from the artist, Pierce is also a trained recording engineer, graduating from the internationally recognized “Golden Ears” program at the Ontario Institute of Recording Technology (OIART) in 2002. Easygoing, positive, and open-minded, Pierce is always willing to try something new to achieve that perfect sound for his artists.

We're proud to offer a welcoming and inclusive studio environment — all are welcome here!

Latest News

We can't sit still — we're always pushing to keep Audio Empire the #1 recording studio in its class!
Here are some of our recent additions and upgrades:

  • We've moved! Our new location is better than ever and features a permanently mic'd drum kit and house ready for live off the floor. We can now be ready to record within one hour, potentially saving $1000's over the course of an album.
  • Our inclusive weekend package includes sessions from Thursday to Sunday, including 2 meals a day. Contact us for pricing and details.
  • Songwriting services. Our in-house songwriting staff can craft a professionally written and recorded songs for many special occasions, like weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, or remembrance of a loved one.
  • Record your whole album in 1.5 weeks! Achieve this by recording live off the floor. Audio Empire has enough gear (24 mics at a time, all quality gear), space and isolated rooms to achieve isolation as well as making everything gel with our echo chamber.
  • We've recently upgraded our console to a beautiful Toft ATB 16. This console features the same pre and eq as the legendary Trident 80 console.
  • We now have 3 separate headphone mixes available, 2 of which are on mixers adjustable by the artist.
  • To achieve the best performances as efficiently as possible, there is now real-time video communication between all rooms.

Featuring the first jam session from the new studio!

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Get in touch!

We’re located in Halifax, Nova Scotia in the Leiblin Park area. Want to see the studio, book some time, or just talk to us about how we can help with your latest project? Call (902) 209-9830 or shoot us an email.